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Development trend of refractory industry

From the growth rate of development, we can see that the development mode of refractory industry is transiting to the industrial transformation and upgrading period. The extensive growth of production capacity in the past is no longer suitable for the development trend of the market. The national policy promotes industry integration and clearly proposes to eliminate backward production capacity and enhance industrial concentration, so as to form 2-3 leading enterprises.

At present, the development of strategic emerging industries and the promotion of advanced technology in high-temperature industry provide opportunities for the optimization and upgrading, structural adjustment and sustainable development of China's refractory industry.

According to the analysis of prospective industry research institute, due to different industries, different enterprises and different production lines, the requirements for refractories are quite different. At present, the overall contracting of refractory materials procurement and construction in steel, cement, glass and other industries has gradually become the mainstream mode, and the products matching, variety diversification, on-site construction level and application technical support of refractory suppliers are provided Higher requirements have been made and higher technical barriers have been formed. At the same time, the development of high temperature industry promotes the technical progress and industrial upgrading of refractory industry, and puts forward higher requirements for the continuous R & D capability of refractory enterprises.

Steel, cement, glass and other high-temperature industries are developing in the direction of large-scale and centralization, and the production capacity is gradually concentrated to a few advantageous enterprises. The use of refractories has a great impact on the quality of high-temperature industrial products. Therefore, large-scale enterprises are very cautious in the selection of relevant refractory products, which usually requires a long time of verification. Only enterprises with sufficient scale and technical strength can have such products May become its long-term supplier.

Through merger and reorganization, we will eliminate backward production capacity, gradually integrate existing industrial resources, strengthen and expand the existing industry, focus on the development and promotion of new energy-saving furnaces and kilns, develop comprehensive energy-saving technologies, carry out energy management, guide refractory enterprises to gradually change from simple product suppliers to overall refractory solution providers, and reshape the structure and core of refractory industry Competitiveness will be an important development trend in the next five years.