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Explanation of utility model patent: a continuous frit furnace

In 2016, our company applied for the utility model patent of a continuous frit furnace.

The authorization Announcement No.: cn 205561533 u

The frit furnace is mainly used for high temperature calcination and melting of materials and products. A crucible is placed inside the furnace to melt the sample. In the past technology, due to the objective conditions such as the location and spacing of the mounting holes, it is easy to cause heat loss and burn out the heater wire, which leads to the failure of the frit furnace. Moreover, the distance between the installation holes of the heating body on the top of the furnace is small, which reduces the strength of the furnace and affects the use of the frit furnace.

In order to solve these problems, the utility model mainly proposes a special-shaped heating body and a split type furnace lining structure. The utility model comprises a furnace, an insulating layer and a shell arranged from the inside to the outside, and a crucible and an L-shaped heating body are arranged in the furnace. In view of the problems easily occurred in the past, the improvement has been made one by one. The specific content of the patent can be found on the website of the State Intellectual Property Office.

The utility model improves the service life of the frit furnace, reduces the failure rate, and reduces the heat loss of the furnace, so as to achieve the function of energy saving. At the same time, the structure also facilitates the installation of heating body, crucible and crucible base.